No more Ifs for wiggo

After everyone else in cycling doubted that he would be able to achieve anything, Sir Bradly Wiggins just won the world’s TT championship, out blowing the favorite Tony Martin.
It was hard two years for Bradly, after fading following his win of the 2012 Tour De France, but it looks like now, he has found the final path he will ride through, before retirement, has he targets the Paris Roubaix and the Hour record.
It’s been a slow year for SKY Procycling and the glory came from an unexpected bike frame.
With more and more older cyclists wining grand tours or main stages, it seems like the UCI is succeeding with creating discouragement for doping among cyclists, or so it seems..
Nonetheless all credit to the Englishman who was certainly doubted as the designated winner for the TT but held his spirit and kept his head.